SASNEHAM is the charity initiative of ORKUT G Venugopal community and was launched on July 11, 2009 at paediatric oncology division of Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrum. SASNEHAM was formed by a group of fans and devotees of the blessed singer G Venugopal with an active support from the ace singer himself. Sasneham transmits rays of hope and dreams in kids through fun filled activities and soothing music. The forum was created with the objective of conducting recreational activities and training sessions for the inmates of paediatric ward and hence giving them mental relief and confidence which will ultimately ease the process of their recovery along with the treatment. SASNEHAM conducts weekly programmes at RCC(On every Saturday) and this includes music class, training on painting, drawing , clay modeling , sculpture making and entertainment items like magic shows mimicry etc.

"Charity is a supreme virtue and the great channel through which the mercy of God is passed on to mankind", We, the team Sasneham gets motivated through this great wordings and influenced by the magical voice of the prince of melodies-"G Venugopal", invite every kind-hearted human being to be a part of our humble organization. We value your comments and suggestions to improve the quality of our services to these kids.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Fireflies In Their Darkness"
"Event ‘Sasneham,' an Orkut group of fans of G. Venugopal, celebrates the first anniversary of their philanthropic activities "
"Thanks to all who contributed towards the great success of SASNEHAM ANNIVERSARY program..

I can't describe the program....It's beyond of the best program conducted by SASNEHAM so far..Special thanks to Suresh and Sindhu for contributing the books

G Venugopal community is really thankful to Smt Sugathakumari teacher for her presence, prayers and blessings inspite of her ill health..When I was accompanying her from the program hall to lobby she was saying that "Sukhamillenkil koodi Venu vilichal varathirikkan kazhiyilla"

Our heartfelt thanks to Sri Gopinath Muthucaud for those precious magical moments and golden words...In fact, he was so happy about our activities that, he conveyed his willingness to involve in our programs in the way ahead..Special thanks to Shanu & Nadiya(Magic Academy Students) for such a wonderful show..

Thanks to Sudeep(playback singer) and Athira Murali(Munch Star Singer fame) for their performances

Thanks a lot to Venuettan for his precious time, involvement and all the support for making this program a huge success.."

- Gireesh (Member, Sasneham and G.Venugopal community)

(G.Venugopal Community - Started from Orkut, now spreads in all the verticals and reaches to the hearts of Venugopal songs lovers world wide )

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