SASNEHAM is the charity initiative of ORKUT G Venugopal community and was launched on July 11, 2009 at paediatric oncology division of Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrum. SASNEHAM was formed by a group of fans and devotees of the blessed singer G Venugopal with an active support from the ace singer himself. Sasneham transmits rays of hope and dreams in kids through fun filled activities and soothing music. The forum was created with the objective of conducting recreational activities and training sessions for the inmates of paediatric ward and hence giving them mental relief and confidence which will ultimately ease the process of their recovery along with the treatment. SASNEHAM conducts weekly programmes at RCC(On every Saturday) and this includes music class, training on painting, drawing , clay modeling , sculpture making and entertainment items like magic shows mimicry etc.

"Charity is a supreme virtue and the great channel through which the mercy of God is passed on to mankind", We, the team Sasneham gets motivated through this great wordings and influenced by the magical voice of the prince of melodies-"G Venugopal", invite every kind-hearted human being to be a part of our humble organization. We value your comments and suggestions to improve the quality of our services to these kids.

About Sasneham

Orkut community of fans and lovers of G.Venugopal, the singer who is completing 25 years in playback singing, decided to start charitable activities , when they got together at Traivandrum in May 2009.

Venugopal, himself put forward the idea to begin this and all the members of the community those participated there supported that, and its given the birth of "SASNEHAM".

July 11th 2009, inagurated it by G.Venugopal at Regional Cancer Centre, Trivandrum . The hospital staff, members of the community, music lovers and well wishers were there at the function.

SASNEHAM is doing many activities like entertainment programes, study classes etc. for the children at RCC Pediatric ward , to give confidence and hope to them to lead a positive life.

We welcome you all to join here to share your ideas, and extend your support to make this success !!